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When dealing with recreational real estate I focus on selecting the properties that are undervalued or worn out but have good potentials at the same time. I help prepare a strategy on how to increase the profitability of such properties. And I assist with all further steps required for implementation of this strategy.


  • Resorts
  • Mini-hotels
  • Cottages and B&B

I specialize in small hospitality businesses such as mini-hotels, resorts, lodges, Bed & Breakfasts and cottages in the recreational areas around Toronto. In my opinion this is one of the most promising types of real estate with great potentials for obtaining a high return on investment. There is a substantial inventory of outdated resorts and lodges that are unprofitable because of mismanagement and are worn down due to lack of funding. That means that there are plenty of choices for getting a good deal along with an opportunity to acquire a potentially highly profitable business.


  • Hobby Farms
  • Wineries

Agricultural real estate, per se, is not the area of my strong expertise. However, I can advise my clients on how to transform farms and agricultural productions into a different, more profitable, endeavor. Because of my specialization in hospitality business, I can suggest how these agricultural lands and facilities can be used for providing recreational services and entertainment, as well as a place for relaxation and emotional rehabilitation. Such business model has actually become a popular trend, and I can help you join it.


Hospitality business is very popular among those who plan to retire. A vacation-like life style, combined with steady cash flow and the property value growth, make owning a small resort or a hobby farm a dream scenario. And this scenario is actually quite real. Moreover, I can tell you that particularly now is the right time for realizing this dream.

The Toronto population is growing every year, so is the demand for quality vacation options in popular recreational areas around Toronto. However, the supply is far behind this growing demand. Most resorts, lodges and B&Bs are completely outdated, worn down and in bad shape. Besides, they don't offer much entertainment to guests. Such unique market conditions on the recreational real estate market around Toronto open an opportunity to entrepreneurs with a vision. You can buy a small resort for a very reasonable price, and then make improvements to the business by being open to creative ideas and attracting more customers.

Me and my team are ready to offer you our expert advice and help with selecting such property, developing a strategy for rebranding and improving the business and making it much more profitable. I can provide my help on every step and, if necessary, recruit specialists in different fields.