Office Space Industrial Units Construction

I specialize in conversion of commercial property with low return on investment into the high income property. One of the ways of achieving that goal is re-purposing property for the use by a specific category of clients and providing them with services that they need.

Industrial Units

  • Conversion
  • Mixed Use
  • Renting out

Industrial units usually have the lowest price per square foot out of all types of real estate in Toronto. And that gives investors a lot of opportunities. There are many businesses that can benefit from using space in industrial buildings, such as art galleries, multimedia productions, trade showrooms, fitness studios, internet store companies and so on. If you can attract such specific categories of customers, you can get much higher profit than from the regular use of industrial space. Of course not any industrial building would be suitable for this. I help with selecting the right property, preparing a strategy for its re-purposing, and obtaining required permits.

Office Space

  • Shared Use
  • Event Planning
  • Renting out

In the modern age of internet technologies and online businesses the office space in its traditional form is not in such demand as it used to be. Alternatively, there is a growing demand for the shared (coworking) office space that provides all necessary infrastructures such as receptionist's service, conference room with screens and projectors, equipment for multimedia production, storage space and so on. I specialize in selecting such office space that has potential for the shared use. I help my clients with preparing the space for re-purposing and draft a strategy for its successful implementation.


  • Houses
  • Cottages
  • Commercial

Construction and renovation is a huge and profitable business in Toronto, especially taking into account the constantly growing demand for the modern style houses and office spaces. The same is true for resorts and lodges in the recreational areas surrounding Toronto, where most of facilities are completely outdated. For the clients who either want a custom built house for their own use, or want to get into construction business, I can help with every step. The first task will be selecting and buying an old property on a good piece of land in a strategic location. Then the next steps will involve assembling a team of contractors, obtaining all necessary permits, and taking care of all further steps until the project is completed.


If you are buying a commercial property for renting it out as it is, my single help can probably cover everything that you'll need. I can select the right property for you, help you buying it for the best price, renting it out and taking care of the property management. Then, when the time comes, I will sell it for you. As simple as that.

But it is a completely different story when you get involved in conversion and re-purposing of a commercial property in order to increase the return on investment. Here we are talking about a new business model. And I am ready to help you with that as well. I cooperate with a team of specialists in different fields, such as business development, real estate law, construction, marketing and advertising, and so on. We will smoothly guide you through the process, and protect you from hassles and costly mistakes.

Moreover, I provide assistance to my foreign clients with many other vital issues, such as taking care of immigration matters and obtaining necessary permits for running business in Canada.