Helen Riabinin

real estate broker
Toronto area

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Real Estate as Smart Investment

I offer my clients a complete range of services in Real Estate, with focus on restructuring their assets and investing in properties with higher return.

Foreign Buyers

A large portion of my customers consists of foreign buyers and investors. Serving this group of clients require specific knowledge and experience, which most of local agents don't have as they work only with Canadians.

I help overseas buyers with selecting properties, opening an account in Canada, getting a loan from a Canadian bank, making sure that my clients comply with Canadian laws, providing help with renting out the purchased properties, and other matters, including immigration issues.

Investment Property

My main objective is insuring that my clients get maximum profitability combined with financial protection, when they invest in real estate in Toronto and surrounding areas.

I specialize in selecting investment properties for my clients in the residential, commercial and recreational sectors. My services also include a thorough analysis and careful planning of every step, assessing the price appreciation, and exploring different options for commercial use of the property.

Retirement Strategy

For those who are planning to retire, I offer my assistance in restructuring their real estate assets. This can include help with downsizing, relocating to the areas outside of Toronto or overseas, investing in rental properties or buying a mini-hotel or B&B.

I help my clients create sources of stable income for their retirement using their real estate assets and savings, depending on their plans and needs. I can help you with selling your real estate and investing in properties with higher return, such as rental properties, mini-hotels and B&B.

About Me

I'm a licensed Real Estate Broker in the province of Ontario (Canada). Dealing with different types of real estate in the Greater Toronto Area and the surrounding regions, I specialize in selecting investment properties and working with foreign buyers. I also offer such unique services as retirement strategy development, including relocation overseas. I help my clients buy properties abroad. And I provide assistance to foreigners with buying and renting out properties in Canada as well. Another area of my expertise is renovation and rebuilding. I cooperate with lawyers, architects and contractors; therefore, I can help my clients with obtaining all necessary permits, preparing a project and building/rebuilding a house.

Covering All Your Needs

Every real estate transaction requires involvement of not only a realtor but of many other specialists as well. The list of such specialists can include real estate lawyers, home inspectors, mortgage brokers, insurance agents, appraisers, accountants, tax planners, etc. In more complex cases, when, for example, you need to renovate your house or build a new one, or if you want to convert a property into a different use, you will need to hire other specialists and contractors, obtain required permits, and so on. My help with all these complicated issues can save you thousands of dollars and protect you from hassles and from wasting your time. I cooperate with specialists from all fields where my clients need services. I select the most qualified people with yet affordable fees in order to get the job done effectively and for the reasonable price.